High Intensity Interval Training Series - HIITS 50 Minute Virtual Cycling Tours of Exotic Locations Customized Virtual Cycling DVDs
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High Intensity Interval Training Series

High Intensity Interval Training Series (HIITS) – Interval training is becoming increasingly popular.  Numerous studies have shown that shorter, more intense workouts rev up the metabolism and promote greater calorie burns. These 30 minute workouts include 15 high intensity speed (30 second)/recovery (1 minute) intervals sandwiched (no pun intended) between scenic warm up and cool down sequences. MAXIMUM RESULTS IN THE SHORTEST TIME!   Don’t Just Spin Your Wheel -->Go Somewhere!
View HD HIITS Sample Video - Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway

View HD HIITS Sample Video - NW Montana

View HD HIITS Sample Video - Seven Mile Bridge and Key West


50 Minute Tours

50 MINUTE TOURS – Build strength and endurance while you climb towering mountains, race down steep mountain roads, ride along majestic rivers!
  • These featured tours are perfect for home or gym workouts, make your spinning classes more enjoyable with these "you in the scenery" perspectives, while getting a HIITS workout.
  • Each tour offers a variety of climbing, descent and rolling hill/flat sequences.
  • We offer virtual cycling tours featuring Northwest Montana/Glacier National Park, The Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall and other exotic virtual tours.
  • Future tours include the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
View HD Sample Videos


Digital Download Pricing

Interval Training Digital Download $6.99

50 Minute Tour Training Digital Download $9.99

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Go Somewhere!        Go Anywhere!

Whether you're a spin class instructor, off-season cycling competitor or just step-up your workout routine, Virtual Cycling Tours can boost your motivation, stimulate your senses and make your workout much more challenging and enjoyable.

We offer customized HD cycling tours and Standard HD virtual cycling tours. All DVDs are shot in FULL HD video format for the most realistic images possible.

We produce Personalized Tours, you specify the sequence of the tour, background music and duration. The perfect gift for cyclists in training, spinners or indoor stationary bike riders.

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Feedback from Some of Our Customers...

"The Northwest Montana scenery was inspiring. I felt like I was cycling through mountain passes, along rushing rivers and towering evergreens. The HD quality made it real. After seeing the DVD I am planning a trip to Montana."

"I workout at the local gym and part of my regiment is a spinning class.  I convinced the instructor to include one of your virtual cycling tours in a class, everyone loved it, and it has become part of her video rotation. Thanks, and I look forward to future featured location rides."

"I really enjoyed the DVD a lot. The terrific scenery, great music and interval training feature had me more excited about my cycling workout than ever. Great product."


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